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This page shows people who were in the life of Emilie du Châtelet.

Detail from the "Jeu du Roi" in the Galerie des Glaces on the occasion of the Dauphin's marriage, by Charles-Nicolas Cochin.
The French Nobility
Emilie du Châtelet came from a notible family and her father was the Introducer of Ambassadors at the court of Louis XIV.

Cardplaying was a popular activity at court and Emilie was an excellent cardplayer. She was addicted to gambling, could remember which cards had been played, and often won large sums of money. She preferred to play with the men who played for higher stakes.

This picture shows an evening of cardplaying on the occasion of the marriage of Louis XV's son in 1745. Voltaire wrote a play that was staged for this event. The Gallery of Mirrors was set up with many tables for an evening of cardplaying. One can be sure that Emilie was there and was having a wonderful time.

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