Voltaire Residence

This page shows people who were in the life of Emilie du Châtelet.

Marquise de Boufflers by J.-M. Nattier Marquise de Boufflers
Marie Françoise Catherine de Beauvau-Craon (1711-1787)

The Marquise de Boufflers was a personal friend of Emilie du Châtelet. They had known each other for years and Marie was delighted when she heard that Voltaire and Emilie had been invited to attend Court at Lunéville.

Marie was beautiful, bewitching, well educated, wrote light verse, was an accomplished pastelist, and possessed every virtue except chastity. In addition to being the mistress of King Stanislas, a man in his 60's and ruler of Lorraine, the Marquise had a succession of other lovers. In 1748, when Emilie arrived, Marie was involved in an affair with M. d'Adhémar.

Father Menou's plan to entice Emilie into the arms of Stanislas and displace Mme du Boufflers did not come to pass. Emilie wasn't the least interested. Instead, Mesdames du Chatelet and de Boufflers became inseparable, adoring friends.

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