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Joinville, Colomby les Deux Eglises, and Vignory are a 20-30 minute drive from the Chateau Cirey (located in Cirey-sur-Blaise). You will need a car to get to the chateau.

If you are traveling by train, the closest large city where a car rental is available is Chaumont. Car rentals are also available in Nancy and Troyes.

Ferme des Gourmandises - Daillancourt
Educational farm and restaurant (several miles south of the chateau de Cirey)
See turkeys, peacocks, goats, pigs, rabbits, etc.
Enjoy our restaurant serving farm fresh food and desserts
5, rue de bouzancourt
52110 Daillancourt, France
tel : and
web site
About us: Click here.
Open every day. We accompany you through our farm and our village.
Please phone or email us so we know how many people to expect.
Email: To contact us, complete the form on this web page

Hôtel du Soleil d'Or - Joinville
Hotel and restaurant - 26 rooms
9, rue des Capucins 52300 Joinville
tel :
Fax :
Hotel web site

Les Dhuits - Colombey les Deux Eglises
Hotel and restaurant - 42 rooms
52330 Colombey les Deux Eglises, France
Tel:    Fax:
Hotel web site
You may email for reservations on the above web page.
This is a newer hotel with a large dining room.
This village is the birth place of Charles de Gaulle.

La Grange Du Relais (26 rn 19) - Colombey les Deux Eglises
Hotel and restaurant 2 ** - 15 rooms
52330 Colombey les Deux Eglises, France
Telephone : 03 25 02 03 89 / 03 25 01 51 15
Fax : 03 25 01 51 81
Email :
Hotel site

Le Relais Verdoyant - Vignory
Located halfway between Chaumont and Joinville on "RN 67"
(about 10 miles east of Cirey-sur-Blaise)
Hôtel and restaurant
Rue de la Gare
52320 Vignory
Tel : +33 (0)    Fax : +33 (0)
E-mail :
Site Internet

Hotel Moderne - Montigny-le-Roi
Located Southeast of Chaumont - 40+ miles from Cirey-sur-Blaise
Hôtel and restaurant - 26 chambres
25 avenue de Lierneux
52140 Montigny Le Roi
Tel : 03 25 90 30 18
Hotel site

Auberge Alsacienne et Gite - Dancevoir
"Le Nid de Cogognes"

Located Southwest of Chaumont - 30+ miles from Cirey-sur-Blaise
Hôtel and restaurant - 5 rooms - for 2 to 14 people
1, rue du Moulin
Evelyne and Gaby Schwartz
Tel : (00 33) 03 25 32 36 24
Cell: (00 33) 06 27 14 43 04
Hotel site

Le Relais du Blaiseron - Louvemont
5 chambres
6 rue du Four
52130 Louvemont
Tel : 06 84 97 93 31
Hotel site

Le château de Voltaire - Ferney-Voltaire, France
Near Geneva
Ferney-Voltaire Tourist Office (in English)
The Tourist Office is several blocks from the chateau Ferney in a building that was originally a theater that Voltaire built for the city. The Tourist Office has a list of smaller hotels in the city that are less expensive than larger hotels at edge of the city. You would need to send an email to the Tourism Office and ask about these smaller hotels (that are often several rooms in older homes).
Ferney-Voltaire Office de Tourism (in French)

Web sites with information on Voltaire and Emilie du Chatelet

The History Guide
Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History
Professor Steven Kreis provides an excellent series of on-line illustrated "Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History." Lectures 8 through 15 relate to the contributions of the philosophes whose writing influenced the American Revolution and the French Revolution. This is a "must read" for anyone who wishes to understand this time period of history.

Professor Kreis' web site is an example of the highest quality of presentation available on the internet.

Voltaire's chateau in Ferney-Voltaire, France (6 miles from Geneva)
Ferney-Voltaire Tourist Office

The Voltaire Foundation
A department of the University of Oxford that promotes the study and research of the 18th century, and publishes scholarly work related to the European Enlightenment. (Site is in English.)

The Philosophical Dictionary
Essays from the Philosophical Dictionary

La Dame d'Esprit: A Biography of Marquise Du Chatelet by Judith Zinsser
This biography on Emilie was carefully researched using original source documents. The biography is available here on

Emilie du Chatelet's Writing
Dr. William Uzgalis, of the Department of Philosophy, Oregon State University, provides a list of Emilie du Chatelet's known work and a commentary on its content. Visit Émilie, Marquise du Châtelet-Laumont (1706-1749)

Links to related topics

Theatre History Resources
links to theater history sites
Theater History Resources This page provides a summary paragraph followed by links to more details on the following topics: Greek and Roman Theater, Medieval and Renaissance Theater, Elizabethan Theater, Modern Theater, and Theater Costumes and Makeup.

A History of Their Own - Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present, 2 Volumes, by Bonnie S. Anderson and Judith P. Zinsser, copyright 1998. Publisher: Harper & Row.

This text is on the reading list of courses that are offered in Women's History at universities and colleges in the United States. Courses in Women's History were first offered at universities and colleges in the US in the 1970's.

The introduction to Volumn II contains this statement, "For too long, women have had no written memory of themselves. This book details the lives of European women, the acknowledged and the unrecognized, from prehistory to the present. ... Traditional approaches to history must be adjusted and augmented to include the female as well as the male. The result will be a retelling of the human past enriched and made complete, a retelling that will give us for the first time a true history of humanity."

Information or references to Emilie du Chatelet are found at eight locations in this text. This text is available at

Women Writers in 18th Century Europe
Judith P. Zinsser: Emilie du Chatelet: genius, gender and intellectual authority, in Hilda L. Smith: Women Writers and the Early Modern British Political Tradition. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1998, p. 168-190. Judith Zinsser discusses the challenges that Emilie du Châtelet faced in an intellectual environment that excluded the participation of women.

Lucidcafe Interactive Cafe
The word "lucid" means "bright and clear, mentally sound." Lucidcafe provides a "lucid" window to a rich world of culture, art and ideas. Cafe Forum, Art Forum, Gallery, Library and More. Access and Enjoy! Lucidcafe Interactive Cafe

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