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Voltaire Residence
Château de Cirey - résidence de Voltaire

Guided Tours:
16:05 - 17:20
July and August: every afternoon
May and June: afternoon on Sunday and holidays
September: afternoon on Sunday

Park: 14:50 - 18:30
July and August: every afternoon
May and June: afternoon on Sunday and holidays
September: afternoon on Sunday

Park and Chateau:
Adult : 8€
12 to 18 years old: 4,5€
less than 12 years old: free
Park: Adult: 3€ / less than 18 years old: free

Groups: Guided tours, morning and afternoon, by appointment
Minimum of 10 people
From April 1 to October 30
Adulte : 7€
Scolaires : 4€

Château de Cirey Official Site
Monsieur et Madame Hugues de Salignac Fénelon
Château de Cirey
33, rue Emilie du Châtelet
52110 Cirey-sur-Blaise

Téléphone: 03 25 55 43 04
Mobile: 06 37 56 16 44
Fax: 03 25 55 43 04
Map by Travel
Map by Travel
Map by Travel
Joinville (go east on D960) - to visit the Château du Grand Jardin (grand garden).

Bayel (southwest of Cirey) Cristalleries Royalles de Champagne (royal glassworks) founded in 1666. factory, shop, and museum.

The Chateau de Cirey is located in the Haute-Marne district of France, an area of picturesque rolling hills, forests, and farmland.

Map One
On the first map, find Chaumont at the center of the map. The chateau is nearby.

In 1734, this location was attractive to Voltaire. He could quickly escape over the border to the east if the gendarmes were looking for him.

Map Two
The Chateau de Cirey is in Cirey-sur-Blaise (on the Blaise River).

During the 18th century, this was an agricultural area and an area of many small and large iron foundries.

Map Three
The Chateau de Cirey is located on highway D2 in Cirey-sur-Blaise.

Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises - (near Cirey) - memorial to Charles de Gaulle

Dommartin-le-Franc (north or Cirey). Visit the High Furnace Museum. Part of the Statue of Liberty was made here.

Dommartin-le-Franc The High Furnace Museum
The Haut Furneau Musée is in Dommartin-le-Franc just north or Cirey. Many lovely statues, fountains, and other beautiful work in iron (including parts of the Statue of Liberty) were made here and in other large foundries in the area.

What to expect: Most of the small villages in this area had iron foundries during the 1700s and 1800s. The chateau de Cirey had 2 iron foundries (similar to this one) that employed local workers. The "haut furneau" (high furnaces) are huge and truly impressive. This museum is interesting to visit because you get to see how many of the people in this area earned a living in the past.

Click here for historic museum pictures.

Web site: translation by Google into English
Check this page for current price/date information

Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 14:00-18:00 (2 to 6 pm).
Closed: On Mondays, and November 19, 2012 to April 12, 2013
To visit at other times, or for guided tours on request for € 1 extra per person, call:

Prices: Individual Adults: 8.00 €
Reduced price(1): 5.00 € - Up to 16 years old: free (1) Reduced price for students, job seekers, and metallurgy industry employees (on presentation of proof)

Groups: (from 10 persons) Adults: 6.50 € - Students: € 2.50 - Accompanist: € 5.00 (two freebies per group) Guided tours € 1.00 extra per person

The High Furnace Museum is located a few miles north of the chateau de Cirey.

Ferme des Gourmandises - Daillancourt
Educational farm and restaurant (several miles south of Cirey-sur-Blaise)
See turkeys, peacocks, goats, pigs, rabbits, etc.
Enjoy our restaurant serving farm fresh food and desserts
5, rue de bouzancourt
52110 Daillancourt, France
tel : and

About us: Click here.
Open every day. We accompany you through our farm and our village.
Please phone or email us so we know how many people to expect.
Email: To contact us, complete the form on this web page

Château du Grand Jardin (grand garden)
In 1546, Claude de Lorraine, the first Duc de Guise, had this residence built for parties and receptions. This man liked to show off and impress people. Pretend that you are a guest of the Duc and plan at least an hour to see the chateau, cross the bridges over the moat, and tour the ornamental gardens.
Last sale of tickets, 30 minutes before the closing. Web site home page

Hours open and price: Closed on Tuesdays
Hours are different during high tourist season and off-season. See the web site for dates and hours open.

The Gardens of My Mill, at Thonnance-les-Joinville
The association "The Gardens of My Mill" invites you to discover a 1 1/2 acre garden built on the site of an ancient mill. The sound of running water will accompany you along the paths through an English garden, a water garden, a medieval garden, a rose garden and a garden of white flowers.

The garden is open from May to the end of September
on Thursday through Sunday
from 10:00 to 12:00 and 2:00 to 6:30, or by appointment
Current admission information (in French)
Groups, please notify us of your arrival several days in advance.
Web site photos
Hotel information available on the web site (in French). See the menu tab "Dormir aux Jardins."

Bayel - Royal Glassworks
The Cristalleries Royales de Champagne (royal glassworks) is a 20 minute drive southwest of the Chateau Cirey. The Royal Glassworks was founded in 1666. Voltaire wrote about the glassworks in his Age of Louis XIV. The traditional techniques for blowing glass are still being used today.

The Bayel Tourist Office and a museum is next to the factory. The factory has a store with items made in the factory.

Tours of the glassblowing factory are organised by the Bayel Tourist Office (which is next to the factory).

Tours begin at 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM Monday - Friday (except public holidays and company vacations)
Tour prices (in French)
Email or call the Bayel Tourist Office for tour price information in English.

The factory store "Royale de Champagne" welcomes you all year round from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 2:30pm to 5:30pm (closed on Sundays and public holidays).

Address of the glassworks in Bayel
2 rue Belle Verrière
10310 Bayel

Phone: +33 (0)

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