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This page shows people who were in the life of Emilie du Chatelet.

Marquis Florent-Claude du Châtelet

Emilie's husband.

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Duc de Richelieu

Emilie's lover before she met Voltaire.

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The French Nobility

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Marie Leszczynska

Queen of France - wife of Louis XV.

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Marquise du Deffand

Hostess of Paris salon.

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Moreau de Maupertuis

Emilie's tutor in higher mathematics.

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Isaac Newton

Emilie translated Newton's Principia into French.

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Alexis-Claude Clairaut

Emilie's tutor.

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Count Algarotti

Italian visitor to Chateau de Cirey.

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Madame de Graffigny

Visitor at Chateau de Cirey.

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King Stanislas Leszczynski

Father of the Queen of France.

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Marquise de Boufflers

Mistress to King Stanislas; Emilie's friend.

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Nobles at the Court of King Stanislas at Lunéville

Members of the French nobility and Court of King Stanislas in Lunéville.

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Marquis Jean François de Saint-Lambert

Emilie's lover while she was with Voltaire.

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