Voltaire Residence

The High Furnace Museum

Water wheels provided the power source to:
  1. wash the iron ore
  2. pound the ore into small pieces
  3. drive two bellows that provided a continuous blast of air into the furnace
  4. and to hammer large objects into a desired shape.

Cast Iron Products

In addition to making pigs, the foundries produced cast iron products like pots, canon, ship and boat anchors, chimney-backs, statues, railings for balconies, and many thousands of small tool and implements.

In this picture, two vistors to the foundry are watching as molten iron is poured into a mold that could be part of a fence or balcony.

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The High Furnace Museum is managed by the Association pour la Sauregarde du Patrimone Métallurgique Haut-Marrais (Association for the Preservation of Metal Industry Heritage of the Haut-Marrais).

The museum is located in Dommartin-le-Franc, in the Haute-Marne district, just north of the Chateau de Cirey.