Voltaire Residence

The High Furnace Museum
To cast a statue such as the horse or the fountain with the two women was a major undertaking.

An artist first creates the statue and builds a plaster cast around the model. The cast is removed and a impression of the statue is made in wax.

Next an iron frame is made and the wax impression placed on top of the frame. Depending on the size of the casting, the statue was placed inside a box of wood or a brick structure and a clay mold placed over the wax figure.

The clay mold had a network of channels in it though which the wax would be melted out and replaced by iron in the casting. Before the casting, the box structure was filled with brick, rubble and sand because the clay mold would not hold the weight of the molten metal.

Far left - This is a chimney back. These were at the back of a fireplace and reflected heat into the room.

Right - This balcony railing is an example of the beautiful works of art created by the craftsmen who worked with iron.

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The High Furnace Museum is managed by the Association pour la Sauregarde du Patrimone Métallurgique Haut-Marrais (Association for the Preservation of Metal Industry Heritage of the Haut-Marrais).

The museum is located in Dommartin-le-Franc, in the Haute-Marne district, just north of the Chateau de Cirey.