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The following poems written by present day poets are a tribute to Voltaire and Emilie du Chatelet.

The imagry related to planets and the solar system in the following poem is especially appropriate for a tribute to Voltaire and Emilie. Voltaire had the latest in scientific equipment, including a powerful reflecting telescope. The couple spent many evenings observing the stars and planets of the solar system.

  I once knew
    I once saw a star,
    Fade before my eyes,
    It's light, gone in a heartbeat,
    A brilliant beacon, to guide the way,
    Gone without warning, a star no more.

    I once knew a lover,
    Who taught me to soar.
    Up there, among the dancing stars,
    Where passion mingles with Saturn's rings,
    And burns brighter than the hottest galaxies.

    I lost that lover,
    When our nova's heat,
    Burned the last of the fuel,
    That had made our pulsars beat together,
    And down I came, crashing to the darkness once more.

    I once knew a black hole,
    That consumed the best of my soul,
    More deeply than Poseidon's abyss,
    It tore my vitals, and left me dark,
    Where once a great love had lived.

    Time moves on,
    As it's wont to do,
    And day follows each dawning day,
    Darkness still hovers, right here in me,
    But a pinpoint has poked through the shroud.

    An atom of light,
    Is all it took
    For you to shine through to my soul,
    To find my darkness, my status quo,
    And give birth to a nursery of new stars.

    Once I knew love,
    That seemed so bright,
    As bright as the sun's golden rays,
    But that was then, before I knew you,
    And your lights from a billion galaxies.

    By Steven Vera
    © August 7, 1999 Steven O. Vera

This poem could have been written when Voltaire was renovating the Chateau de Cirey and waiting for Emilie to arrive from Paris. Voltaire gave Emilie a large emerald ring and a diamond necklace with an even larger emerald pendant. Possibly green is Voltaire's favorite color, and purple is Emilie's color as is suggested in this poem.

    the color of love
      Truely Beloved
        Soon again whole
           Tired of playing
              This life as a mole

      Forever together
        As meant to be
           Shadows on shadows
              We will be free

      Moonbeams are flying
        Souls always conjoined
           Together forever
              Purple et moin'

      Purple majestic
        Purple divine
           Purple forever
              Purple be mine

      The color of kings
        The color of earls
           Purple's the favorite
              Of my favorite girl

      Green of the grass
        Green of the trees
           Green of the emerald
              Green of the sea

      Verdant reflections
        Waiting you see
           Purple and Green
              My Lady and Me

      By Doug Clow
      © July 23, 2000 Doug Clow

A visitor to the chateau observed that Voltaire had a statue of Cupid in his study. Possibly the image of a golden angel in this present day poem is also a reference to Cupid.

a golden angel
A golden angel has always been,
Just beyond my questing reach,
For only when you've found true love,
Can wings of gold take flight.

A golden angel in your eyes,
I see it clear as day,
And now I feel it in your touch,
And the kiss of your soul's in mine.

By Steven Vera
© August 7, 1999 Steven O. Vera

During the fifteen years of their relationship Voltaire dedicated almost everything he wrote to Emilie. He praised her intelligence, her virtues, and wanted the world to know how wonderful she was.

i love you so much
I love you so much that sometimes,
I don't know how to contain it,
So I stand on top of the mountain crags,
Shouting to the world all about it.

I love you so much my heart fills up,
And threatens to break its boundaries,
There's so much within me to give to you,
That binds us both to each other.

I love you so much my world is brighter,
Your light erases all my shadows,
And leaves me aglow in the wonder of you,
A love that's mine for all of infinity.

I love you so much that sometimes,
I don't know how to contain it,
So I stand on top of the mountain crags,
Shouting to the world all about it.

By Steven Vera
© December 23, 1999 Steven O. Vera

Emilie truly was Voltaire's ally and friend. This poem summarizes their relationship.

my ally my friend
Without a word or gesture from me,
You're suddenly there beside me,
Telling me with your steady eyes,
That no matter how bad the world may seem,
Everything is going to work out.

The trust I have in the love we share,
Is without question, it's unconditional,
For you are connected to the core of my soul,
You know me better than I know myself,
And are always there as my ally and friend.

The time we share makes me strong,
Letting me face the world out there,
With all its oddities and harshness of mind,
Because in spirit of thought you stand right there,
Shielding me from the cruelties of others.

Snuggling with you is my favorite joy,
Hearing your heart beating beneath my ear,
Listening to the steady rhythm of your lungs,
As we watch from our safe haven,
The world outside moves on.

The years we shared were abundant,
Filled with joys and sorrows,
But Time has done its worst to us,
By taking the loving you from me,
On a day that brought me to my broken knees.

Now as I contemplate, the memories left me,
I smile and cry quite proportionally,
Knowing that my empty soul,
Longs with every passing moment,
To be with you again.

By Steven Vera
© January 21, 1999 # 990121-036 Steven O. Vera

About the poets:

Steven Vera is a poet and writer of short stories and lives in California. He also has a background in quality assurance and professional auditing.

Doug Clow is in charge of the mainframe computer at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He has been present at all of the manned launches since the first Apollo series of manned flights into space. Doug has published his poetry on the internet.

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