Residence of Voltaire France

This page shows people who were in the life of Voltaire.

Louis XVI by Duplessy
Louis XVI

Louis XVI became king of France in 1774. Voltaire was 78 years old at the time and lived on his estate at Ferney, close to the border of Switzerland. Voltaire wanted to visit Paris and wrote to his friend, Count d'Argental, asking if he would be allowed to come to Paris. The response was that Voltaire's safety could not be guaranteed.

In February 1778, at age 83, Voltaire decided to make one last trip to Paris, and take the risk that no harm would come to a man of his age. Voltaire received a hero's welcome from the literary community and the people of Paris.

Louis XVI felt it was wise to ignore Voltaire's presence in Paris. Voltaire's health was failing and his visit lasted for just three months. Voltaire died in Paris on May 30, 1778.

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